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Adding an assignment using Assessments > Assignment from the build menu does the following:

  • Allows instructor to attach a file, state objectives, assign a score to the assignment, set a due date and release date,  can be targeted to individuals or groups
  • Automatically builds a column in the grade centre for the assignment
  • Sends a notification to students that an assignment has been posted
  • Sets up an area on the student side for a submission (a file may be attached)

Once a student submits an assigment using the assignment set up by the instructor:

  • Instructor will be alerted by the system that they have an assignment to grade
  • Instructor can see view the dated submission, and download the files that may be attached from the student
  • Instructor may insert the grade for the assignment within the assignment submission screen, and this will automatically be recorded in the grade centre
  • Student may review their submission at any time, and may be able to see instructor grading including comments made by the instructor in the system

View as a student

 Student Preview

Instructors cannot take tests or complete assignments. If you attempt to take a test or complete an assignment with your instructor account, you receive the message that you are previewing the assignment and your submission will not be saved.

When you are enrolled as an instructor in your own course, by the "Edit Mode" button you will now see this icon:

Student Preview

When clicked, you are automatically switched into a student view. This works very similar to our existing "Add Test Student" tool in that it creates a real student account that can participate in tests, complete assignments and so on. Using this feature does not require that you log out or log in with a different web browser.

While useful, this view isn’t perfect. Some things currently do not work in this view like Collaborate sessions and SCORM modules. For that reason we will continue to make the “Add Test Student” tool available (which does not have these limitations).

To add a TEST STUDENT, in the left hand instructor control panel,  select "Course Tools" then "Add Test Student" to add a test student to the course.

LOG OUT as the instructor and log in as the test student in order view the course as a student in order to see the Collborate sessions or SCORM modules as a studnet.  Use the Test Account Login in order to login as the test student.


NOTE: IF an assignment says "item is not available", this is due to the date restrictions you may have placed on that item when it was created.

  • To change the date availability, navigate to that assignment, AS THE INSTRUCTOR (toggle the Student Preview button for instructor view)
  • Select the options menu icon that appears (hover over the assignment title), then "edit". 
  • In the availability section,  select the checkbox for "Make the assignment available", optionally specify a "display after" and "display until" date, and enter in the due date. 
  • Entering a due date will set this up so that anything handed in before that date is ok, everything after that date will be marked "late".  The due date will also be automatically listed in the calendar for the course.

Student submissions

 Working with Assignments for Students
Download Assignments

There are various locations where students can upload files, but the most common is by submitting the file in an assignment.

Delegated Grading

Delegated grading assigns someone other than the instructor to grade a student's submission. 

(Please be aware that delegated grading results in the instructor UNABLE to view a submitted assignment if the grading of that assignment has been assigned to someone other than the instructor)

Grading submitted assignments by download

 Download Assignments

  1. Under "Control Panel" left side, expand "Grade Center"
  2. Select "Needs Grading"
  3. Select the down arrow beside the assignment and select "Grade Anonymously" OR grade each student as listed by clicking on their name.
  4. Alternatively, select a student, and within the grade center for that attempt, click "Attempt" to grade or edit the attempt. 

Grading submitted assignments inline

Instructors are now able to grade an assignment inline or within the browser using a third party, a cloud-based technology called New Box Viewer. No download of the file is necessary and annotation tools are available for markup on the submission. 

Filetypes supported for inline grading in supported browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) include:

  • Microsoft® Word (DOC, DOCX)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® (PPT, PPTX)
  • Microsoft® Excel® (XLS, XLSX)
  • PDF

Student original file submissions are stored in Blackboard and the marked up file is automatically converted to a PDF which may be printed by the student. Students won't see the annotated file until a grade is entered for the assignment.

For more information, see Assignment Inline Grading

Deleting a posted assignment

  1. Navigate to the content folder which contains the assignment
  2. Click the chevron beside the assignment that you would like to delete and click "Delete" then "OK" to confirm
  3. Choose whether to keep or delete the assignment column in Grade Center, and all the scores associated with it by choosing either:
    • Preserve scores in the Grade Center for this Assignment, but delete the assignment and all its submissions.
    • Delete this Assignment, the Grade Center item for this Assignment, all grades for this Assignment, and all submissions for this assignment.
  4. Click "Remove"

Adding a grade without the assignment tool

An example of this would be if you have a paper assignment or exam that you would like to grade and include in the students' "My Grades".
  1. Under the "Control Panel" menu left side, expand "Grade Center"
  2. Select "Full Grade Center"
  3. In the horizontal row of green buttons, select "Create Column"
  4. Enter the name of the graded material in "Column Name" 
    OPTIONAL *** 
    1. If you would like to display the graded material as something different in the grade center, enter the name you would like to display in "Grade Center Display Name". 
    2. If you would like a description of the graded material, enter the description in "Description". ***
  5. Select if you would like the score, percentage, or letter grade to show.
  6. Enter the maximum number of points possible for that graded material.
  7. Click "Submit"
  8. Enter the grades as you would for an assignment.

Grading Multiple Attempts

Multiple Assignment Attempts

  1. Under "Control Panel" left side, expand "Grade Center"
  2. Select "Full Grade Center"
  3. Click on the down arrow beside the assignment that you would like to grade and choose Edit Column Information
  4. In the "Score attempts using", select "Highest Grade" (or other option) from the drop down list
  5. Submit the changes

Submitting an audio file

Are students having trouble submitting an audio file in an assignment upload? Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure when uploading files as part of an assignment submission, the connection from the computer to the internet is via a HARDWIRED connection, NOT wireless. This may mean dropping the files onto a USB key and visiting a lab on campus to upload the files. Using the wireless internet access can result in timeout errors when attempting to upload large files.
  2. Compress the audio files into the smallest file format possible. The best format is MP3. Instructions on how to add this functionality to Audacity can be found on the audacity website.
  3. Keep file sizes small, keep file names simple. It is IMPORTANT to properly name files for upload or download. Keep filenames short (8-10 characters is plenty), lower case, no spaces and be sure a file extension is included (such as .mp3) A good example is audio1_smith.mp3