Grade Centre Management

The following documents were written for U of S Course Tools.

General Grading

Grading: Links to various items for Grading including Rubrics

 Grading FAQs: Where do I find my student's work to be graded and how do I assign grades?

Grade Centre: How to work with Grade Centre columns, options and organization

 Navigate Grading

 Customizing the Grading Interface

 Grading Tasks (assign grades, override grades, curve grades, calculate grades, extra credit columns...)


Grading and Tests

 Grading Tests : Learn about the grading workflow for tests.

 Item Analysis : "Item analysis provides statistics on overall test performance and individual questions. This data helps you recognize questions that might be poor discriminators of student performance."

 Resolve Student Issues with Tests : "If a student was unable to submit a test but completed the work, you can submit the attempt so that you can grade it."

Grade Schemas

Instructors may want to grade a student using PASS / FAIL. In order to accomplish this, a grade range (percent or point spread) is required that cooresponds with the Pass or Fail. Learn more on setting up a Grade Schema

OMR Grades

Once a test has been scored using OMR, the marks can be adding back into Blackboard. 

OMR and Course Tools 

Exporting Grades to SiRius

Exporting grades from Blackboard to SiRius (within PAWS)

Please refer to for additional information on grades.