Exporting Grades to SI

Step 1: Please refer to SESD's instructions for entering final grades. Pay particular attention to the section called "Copy and Paste Grades from a Spreadsheet".

Step 2: Within Blackboard.....

  1. Select "Grade Center" then "Full Grade Center" from the control panel in the bottom left of your browser window.
  2. Make sure the grades are in the correct format to post to SiRIUS. Usually these are percentage marks out of 100.
  3. Select the "Work Offline" button from the upper-right corner of the grade center. 
  4. Select "Download" to download the grade center to a spreadsheet.
  5. In Section 1 (Data) select "Selected Column" then in the dropdown box select which column contains the final grades. This will let you export just the grades you need for SiRIUS.
  6. For "Delimiter Type" select "Comma". This makes it easier to load into MS-Excel.
  7. Select "Submit" then "Download".
  8. Open the saved file in Excel.
  9. Edit as necessary. For example you may need to enter codes for incompletes, etc.
  10. Delete all columns except for "Student ID" (the student number) and the "Grade Column"(you would have created this within Blackboard so the name may differ than in this example). 
  11. Delete the header row (row 1 in the spreadsheet) which contains the column headings (like "Student ID" and your grade column heading). That should leave you with a spreadsheet which only contains the student numbers in the first column and the grades in the second column.
  12. Follow SESD's instructions to copy the student numbers and grades and paste them into SiRIUS.

Note that in combined courses, you don't have to separate out the students. SiRIUS will ignore any extra students in the grade list.

Saving a Course

Reuse and Save Content;

 Archive and Export a Course

At the end of a course, you may want to save the course in its entirety using the archive feature.  (Courses are currently stored for up to a year in Blackboard at course end at the University of Saskatchewan). The Archive feature creates a ZIP file of all the content and user interactions. The Export feature saves all the content, but not user interactions, in a ZIP file.

Roll a Course Forward from Term to Term

At the end of term, you may want to roll a course forward to use for the next term. The procedure is the same as the one followed for moving a development course into a live course, however there are some best practices which should be observed.

  1. Steps for Course Copy and recommended settings (see Copying a Development Course to a Live Course)
  2. Wait for the confirmation email that the copy has finished
  3. Update all dates in the new course (adaptive release, assignment due dates, etc.). This is now easy and all dates may be changed on one screen.
  4. Review all the menu items and make sure the “public access” is set correctly for each item. Only “Show to Public” things that are safe for the public to see.
  5. Test the entire course using the preview as student option.  Test EVERYTHING in the course, noting any errors, missing images, and so on.

To see the course as a student, click the Student Preview student preview icon beside the Edit Mode On/Off toggle button.

 Student Preview


Do not perform a "Course Copy" multiple times into the same course. You will be sent an email when the course copy has completed. Wait for that email to arrive before working on your course. If the email does not arrive within 30 minutes, please submit a ticket at https://itsupport.usask.ca for assistance. Do not copy your course again as that can cause duplication in your course when both copies are finally processed.