List of Users in a Course

Members List

Students who have enroled in your course are added automatically from the Student Information System when the course is created. A member list may be accessed and downloaded for your use.

The member list tool allows for the export of a course list compatible with SiRIUS.

  1. On the "Control Panel" menu on the left expand "Course Tools".
  2. Select "Members List"
  3. Select your desired file format (Excel, Comma Separated Text, or HTML)
  4. Select "Download" from the drop down beside the chosen format.

Using Grade Centre - see Students only

  1. In the Control Panel in the bottom left of the window, select "Grade Center"
  2. Under Grade Center, select "Registered Users". This will give you a list of all students enrolled in your class
NOTE: If you do not see any students in this list, then Banner has not populated your class yet. Contact your college Banner Student Administrator/Course Builder if this problem occurs. 

Users and Groups - View ALL users

To see all users in your class, you must use Users and Groups
  1. Under the "Control Panel" menu on the left, select "Users and Groups"
  2. Under "Users and Groups", select "Users"
  3. When the "Users" page opens, select the "Show All" button at the very bottom right corner of the page. You will now see every user in the class, including instructors and teaching assistants.

NOTE: If you do not see any students in this list, then Banner has not populated your class yet. Contact your college Banner Student Administrator/Course Builder if this problem occurs.

Roster Tool

Blackboard Website: Roster

The roster tool allows user to view a searchable list of students enrolled in your course. To enable this tool:

  1. From the Control Panel on the left, expand Customization 
  2. Select Tool Availability
  3. Scroll through the list of tools until you find the Roster Tool.  Ensure all boxes associated with the tool are checked.
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. The Roster Tool now appears in the Tools area, accessible from the left side menu.

Adding Instructors, TA's or users to course

  1. Log into the course.
  2. If you do not see the course menu on the left you may have to select the blue or green vertical bar on the left side of the page to show the menu.
  3. Expand the "Control Panel" section of the left-hand menu if it isn't already expanded.
  4. Select "Users and Groups" to expand that section of the control panel menu.
  5. Select "Manage Users"
  6. Select "Add"
  7. Enter OR browse for the username of the person (NSID) to be added (you may have to ask them for their NSID). You can enter several usernames separated by commas.
  8. Select the role they should have. A "Teaching Assistant" has all the privileges that an instructor has, but does not get listed as an instructor when the course name is shown to students in the course list.
  9. Select "Submit".

You can also remove users by selecting the checkboxes beside the people you want to remove, then click the "Remove from Course" button.

If you want to change a person's role, you must remove that person, then add the person back in the new role.

 User Types Explained

Public Access

The University of Saskatchewan encourages making course material available to the general public through its Open Courseware ( project.  

The default course template created for all credit courses at the University of Saskatchewan makes this easy. The left-hand course menu contains an entry called "Public". Any content added to this "Public" area is automatically visible to anyone in the world through the open courseware site. The Syllabus folder (see next question) is also public so any syllabus-related information put in that folder is also visible to the general public. Material put elsewhere (such as in "Course Materials") is by default not shown to the general public and is instead private to the course.

Instructors have the ability to completely turn off public access. To do that expand the course control panel, select "Customization" then "Public and Observer Access". Change "Allow Public Access" from "Yes" to "No" then select "Submit" to save the changes. 

  • When set to "No", none of the course materials (including the syllabus and public folders) are available to the public.
  • When set to "Yes", the material marked as public (like the Syllabus and Public folders or others you opt to enable) are available to the public.

You can also control those menu items are visible to the general public.

  • Move your mouse over a menu item for a course folder (like "Syllabus", "Course Materials", or "Public")
  • Select the options menu icon for that menu item (the circle with a "v" in it) that appears.
  • A popup menu appears of things you can change about that menu item
  • If the menu item is already available to the public, you can select the "Hide from Public" option to hide it so the public cannot see it.
  • If the menu item is not already available to the public, you can select the "Show to Public" option to make it available to the public.

For consistency, we recommend you place public information in the "Public" folder and not try to make other folders available. If you don't want to make any material available to the public,  don't put anything in the public folder.

Instructors may want to visit and search for their courses to see how it looks to the general public. Note that changes made in Blackboard may take 24 hours before the public areas appear in the Open Courseware system.

View Course as a Student

Blackboard Website: Student Preview

View the course as a student by selecting the Student Preview icon Student Preview on the top right beside the Edit Mode On/Off Toggle button.