Policies exist to ensure that our processes and practices align with our strategic directions, our core principles and the regulatory and governance environment, to protect the University and its stakeholders, and to guide change. The Blackboard Learning Content Management System is used to load every academic course on campus. Instructors may choose to use this system or not. If the system is used, various University Policies are particularly relevent to its use.

The University has policies and regulations on all areas of its operations and the University Policies may be found at http://policies.usask.ca/

Relevant Policies

Student Enrollment Policy

Official students must be registered through Banner. For more information, see http://www.usask.ca/sesd/info-for-instructors/program-course-preparation.php  and select REGISTRATION link

What should I do if a student is attending my class but is not on my class list, or wants to get into my class after the deadline for enrolling?

It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that unregistered students are not attending their classes. University regulations (and other considerations such as insurance) require students to be formally registered in any classes they attend. If you discover an unregistered student attending your class, you should advise them to register immediately; if they do not subsequently do so, the student should be asked to leave your class. (For more information, see http://www.usask.ca/sesd/info-for-instructors/program-course-preparation.php#reg3)

Adding additional users to courses

Instructors may add Teaching Assistants. For any other additional users, please contact IT Support Services. Adding unregistered students is not encouraged and is not in alignment with the Student Enrollment Policy at USask. For more information, see http://www.usask.ca/sesd/info-for-instructors/program-course-preparation.php and select Registration.

Grade Reporting Policy

Responsibility for submission of the final grade report is shared between the instructor, who submits the final grades, and the Department Head, or Dean in non-departmentalized Colleges, who approves the final grades.  If instructors wish to release or post any grades unofficially, they should do so confidentially.   Grades should not be posted with public access. Posting grades within Blackboard ensures confidentiality. 

When final grades are approved by the Department Head, or Dean in non-departmentalized Colleges, they will be submitted electronically according to procedures established by the Registrar. To export grades to SiRIUS from Course Tools/ Blackboard, the procedure is outlined below. Only the Registrar may release official final grades. The Registrar will post final grades electronically as they are received. 

For detailed information , please see the Academic Courses Policy.

Exporting Grades to Banner from Blackboard

Blackboard-Specific Policies (as set by ICT)

Course Retention Policy

  • Courses will be stored on local servers for at least one year after the end of the term that the course was offered. We reserve the right to keep the content longer, but we only guarantee that it will be there for this time.
  • Instructors who wish to limit student access to courses during this time period can use Blackboard tools to control student access to the course, however,  this must not interfere with the student appeals process or supplemental examinations. 

Course Disk Quota Policy

Course disk storage is limited to 10Gb of data which may be extended if requested.

Course Removal Practices:

  • Instructors can request that courses be removed from the system after the initial one year retention period.
  • Courses will be considered for automatic removal when there are no longer any active user accounts enrolled in the courses.
  • All courses will be archived before the course is removed (deleted). These archives will be retained for at least one year after the course is removed.
  • ICT reserves the right to delay removal of courses until technically feasible. For example, current courses can refer back to content in older courses, and would break if the old courses were removed.

Course Access Practices:

  • Instructors can manually add people to courses. It remains the instructor's responsibility to remove people they manually add to courses when this access is no longer required. 
  • When former University of Saskatchewan faculty or staff members lose both faculty and staff status, their non-student enrolments (instructor, teaching assistant, etc.) and other staff privileges will automatically be disabled in all courses. Student enrolments will remain active. Reinstating their employment will not automatically re-enable their access to these courses. 
  • People who are no longer active faculty, staff, or students of the University of Saskatchewan will have their ability to log into Blackboard disabled.
  • The above rules can be overridden in special cases (like for continued access to non-credit courses) by adding exceptions to override lists.