Email Settings

The email tool is available by default for both students and instructors. Students are able to email instructors, TA's and individual students; instructors may email anyone in the class.

Students may wish to protect their personal information and configure privacy settings for each course in which they are enrolled. They may do so by selecting the Privacy Settings (found on My Courses OR by selecting their name on top right) and follow the Privacy Settings link.

To edit the global email settings within your class:

  1. Under the Control Panel section on the left, expand Customization > Tool Availability
  2. Scroll to find the Email tool, and select the down arrow > Edit Email Settings
  3. On the email settings, select who the students may email (by default, this is set for students to email the instructor, TA's and select users)
  4. Submit the changes

Configuring the Email Tool

Email Link Insertion

If you want students to be able to email you using an email address somewhere else in the course,  add the note "You can email the instructor at". The easiest way to do this is to add an "item" in your content area or syllabus. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the folder you want to put this email message in, such as the syllabus area. 
  2. Select "Build Content" then "Item" 
  3. For name, enter "Contacting the Instructor" 
  4. For the text, add whatever you want such as when your office hours will be, phone number, etc. 
  5. Add "Email: (or whatever email address you prefer). 
  6. Highlight the email address in the text editor. 
  7. Click the icon in the editor that looks like the chain link. This add Hyperlink icon opens the "Insert Link" window. 
  8. Change the type from "http" to "email" from the drop down list. 
  9. In the URL, make sure it states 
  10. Select "Submit" to save the changes 

This email link will now appear in your text. When students click the link, their email program will launch with your email address as the recipient.

If the students have not set up their email program, they can copy your email address and paste it into whatever they are using (like Hotmail or Google Mail). This lets them easily email you using the email program they already are familiar with, without using the Blackboard email tool.


The announcement tool within Blackboard when used, will send an announcement to students via the PAWS channel Announcements, within the Global Navigation feature of Blackboard, and through the Announcement Tool in Blackboard. There is the added option of texting and emailing via the announcement tool.

Working with Announcements